About Us

Mowbeth Scrap Metal was started in 1975 as a single owner operator recycling collection service, specialising in paper and plastic. As the collection of scrap metal grew, this became the core focus of the business.

Mowbeth Scrap Metal is a family owned & operated business, which purchased the premises at 1 Ally Road, Isipingo Rail in 1980. In the past 14 years the company has grown from a single owner operator, to a company that employs over 50 permanent staff, and has the capacity and infrastructure to service industrial, domestic and corporate clients.

With over 30 years experience in the Scrap Metal Industry, our company offers a comprehensive scrap metal recycling service, including large project site removals and bin services.

Mowbeth Scrap Metals offers a professional service and competitive pricing to local suppliers and companies that generate scrap metal.

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Recycle Reuse Reduce Recycling Association of South Africa Mowbeth Scrap Metal is a member of the Recycling Association of South Africa


Providing a full scrap metal recycling service